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April 13, 2007



Very exciting . . . even with all the "stuff they don't tell you". Congrats!!


Congrats! Welcome to the rollercoaster ride of pregnancy and parenthood.


Congratations! And yay for not having twins (oops, I'm probably not supposed to say that, but, uh, as if ONE isn't hard enough to keep up with?) You could be like my mother-in-law, who didn't get ultrasounds and for her first baby, at 19... had two. SURPRISE!
I'm sorry about all the crappy things. I have a happy labor story: my mother went into labor, got the the hospital, and I was born, all before my grandmother had time to get back from her shopping across town.


Just to add to your list:

Some people who epidurals only have it work on one side of the body. They say it's far worse to feel numb on one side and contractions on the other than to feel the whole thing.

I've had really good births. That does happen, you know? They tend to be a little slow to get going (even on my third), but I never felt like I'd rather just die right there than finish the thing.

The good thing about the human brain is its capacity to very quickly forget all the pain when all the joyous stuff starts.

But, why don't they tell you about the gas??? I've been doubled-over in pain from gas while pregnant.

Congrats on the boy!

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