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March 06, 2007



The decluttering will feel so good! Yay for you. And check this out, might be inspiring for all that baby stuff: http://bloggybabybumpers.blogspot.com/ :-)


Good luck - good for you for taking on the decluttering. Mine is hiding in various piles, cupboards and other areas that is driving my poor husband mad...


Of course I'll wish you luck! You might consider posting some of that acrylic on Freecycle - then you'll know just what good cause it's going too rather than risking goodwill ditching it....

I'm sure there's a way to prove that electricity isn't going where it should! Any chance of keeping records of what you've got switched on and the electricity meter readings over, say, a week? I'm guessing here, but if you took readings every 3 hours, and there was a pattern that didn't relate to what you were using, then you might have the start of something.

Do you have something like our Citizens Advice Bureaux where you are? They might also have some ideas...?


I wish you tons of luck, and if you could send some of that motivation my way, it would be much appreciated. I think more than a couple of weeks would be needed for the organization/decluttering of my house, though.

I have to say, that nesting reflex is a wonderful thing. Take advantage of it while it lasts.

And, if you need help, try this book (totally worth the $):



Best of luck! I always feel so much lighter and free-er after I get rid of stuff I am not using and don't need. I'm trying to purge through my books now. Despite all the stuff I like to read, I'm only keeping it if I love it and reread it all the time. It feels so much nicer to have empty spaces. Weird, huh? Because I acquired it in the first place, somehow.

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. Sometimes even just saying "screw them all" and doing the things you want to do is the best thing :)

GRRRR taxes don't EVEN get me started. I'm sorry they're screwing you over. What I want to know is how come if we're all such a nuclear-family-centered nation K and I are taking a tax hit for being married instead of just shacking up. Bah.

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