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October 09, 2006



My mom always called me a "people pleaser" when I was a kid. I've gradually moved toward not doing that so much, but I'm certainly a conflict avoider. Personally, I think it comes from being raised in a "turbulent" household where I was not the cause of the turbulence 95% of the time. All you want to do is smooth things over for everybody else.

I think the best thing I've found so far about adulthood is the fact that I've learned more and more about myself by breaking with the person everyone else always wanted me to be (but that I wasn't necessarily). It wouldn't surprise me if you were to say the same about yourself (that others think you should be a particular person, but your dreams and innermost thoughts don't correspond to that expectation).

Oops. Highjacked your comments. Sorry.


a) i love the new colors on your page. very earthy

b) periods suck. nuff said

c) i love michaels stuff. His classy hooker thing is way fantastic. Laura is too stuffy and Uli (though I like it) has only made one dress this season. I cheated and looked at all the runway dresses at fashion week.

d) I think you should do one thing a week that's selfish. I always tell my boy that i'm doing something for me once in awhile. Most of the time people have no argument against that.


Yea I know I have been MIA for awhile. work...kids...PTA meetings... Damm the time flies... Yes I am still going to NY. We are still going on Sat. and now taking my van, so I need to go and get a much needed tune-up. Glad to see your happy with SP9, I didn't join it due to the lack of my SP8...Who still hasn't contacted me.... I will talk give you more info so we can meet at the festival when I know more :) Have you been there before? It's my first time, that's why I don't know anything!

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